• Raffi Garnighian

Colorado Issues First In-Home Medical Marijuana Delivery License

Colorado-native dispensary The Dandelion, owned by retail chain Native Roots, has just announced it has been granted Colorado's first license for the in-home delivery of medical marijuana to its patients. Patients may sign up for home deliveries by visiting and making a first purchase in person at the dispensary.

Native Roots public affairs director Shannon Fender said The Dandelion expects to begin its first deliveries by the end of the month.

The rule change allowing deliveries of medical marijuana was first enacted through HB19-1230 establishing "Marijuana Hospitality Establishments" and allowing deliveries to patients. The text of the bill can be found here. Each city must also pass similar legislation either amending previous rules prohibiting deliveries or enacting a new statute allowing the practice. So far, the cities of Boulder and Superior in Colorado have made rule changes allowing deliveries.

It is unclear how quickly other dispensary chains will be granted similar licenses. For recreational customers, such licenses will only be granted as early as 2021.

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